I know you have been waiting for this: Frostfellows The Beautiful Creatures of Beverly Hills Book 2

Bang on!

The second book of this series does not disappoint! This book comes out strong and leaves you hanging for the next one. When we left the first book with a betrayal we see all the pieces of Josh and Lara's relationship come to life and the return of the Siren's song. The deceit runs amuck among the Nereids, Satyrs, Sentries and Lycorains! Hang on here and try to figure it out!

Can’t anyone give Lara and Josh a break, come on. In comes a too confident and too nosy detective getting in the way of everything.  There are turns and twists page after page quoting an amazing author (Of this book) it is best described as: "I didn't see that coming."

This book also hits it right with the teen summer romance, who would think you could find a soul-mate. In the midst of the turns and twists you will feel love and patience. We won’t mention the excitement and impossible tasks, but aren’t best friends worth it?

Oh wait, the rescue mission and its rescuer hero becomes the one needing a rescue. How can we be left hanging here?


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