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Congratulations! Well done and good job to you! We have a winner! What do you do when your world is dissolved? Your father is dead and your mother is taken while you are made to watch. Follow Riley down her path as her best friend the boy she loves is taken and returns something or someone else. Riley learns, she is the only one she can believe in. I am so exciting; I am feeling like a kid in a candy store allowed to run wild. Drum roll, please.... This week's winner is~ Gracie R!!   Woohoo! She has a $10 Gift Certificate to Amazon in the email she has given me.   To the new views here is my deal: You have to make me a promise when my book comes out that you will read it, review it and share it with friends. Not bad eh? Want to read the first chapter? Let me know and spread the word! Want a free copy? Let me know, and you know what I am going to say next, spread the word. This is truly a happy season, and I wish each one of

She's here, she's bad...

She is here, she is a bad a**, and she has her own Facebook page! Click here to see Riley's latest

I have been a slacker!

To make up for my lack of posting the past two weeks and it being December I will be giving away a few Amazon Gift Cards! All you have to do is sign up to be "in the know." Or in other words my~email list but don't worry you won't get any spam just notes from me! ~Debbie Browdy~